Super Bowl XLI

To Matt Forte (@MattForte22):

Our company purchases valuable, generic, non-trademarked domain names which we use to brand companies, startups, etc.  We acquired when it was auctioned off by its current registrar.


As we are big NFL fans, we wanted to make sure ended up with the real Matt Forte, and not someone who could use it for the wrong reasons.  Our sole intention in obtaining this domain is to pass it on to you.  This is just our small way to give back to someone who gives so much to the NFL, the community, charities, etc.


There isn't a better personal-brand domain out there for you and this is where your fans likely expect to find you.


If you are Matt Forte or one of his representatives, please contact us so we can transfer the domain over to you.



Ian Ingram

Fat City Properties LLC